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“Commodity prices depend on a wide range of demand and supply factors, and sorting out their various contributions can be difficult. In recent years, potential constraints on the expansion of supply, especially of petroleum, have played a role. But in addition, the emergence of China, India, and other industrializing Asian economies as major consumers of oil and other raw materials has complicated the analysis . . . .”

US Federal Reserve 2008

Commodity trades often emerge from market inefficiencies and arbitrage opportunities. Timely intelligence on energy demand, production bottlenecks, transportation and storage shortages, refinery outages and other global supply-chain conditions is critical to executing successful physical and financial commodity trades. An in-depth understanding of these data, combined with the ability to communicate them quickly to our clients, is essential in today’s environment.

Our global consultants understand these complex supply and demand factors and benefit from our systematic research and worldwide network. We assist buyers and sellers in all elements of commodity transactions commencing with intelligence gathering through to commercial implementation and post-transaction operations

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