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Due to the increase in enquiries we receive, and in line with our new expansion programme at Esaren International, we feel that now is the right time to push forward with the property side of our business.

Dealing predominately in the commodities market and therefore constantly in touch with many HNWI’s from around the globe, we are now getting more and more commercial and residential property enquiries from clients wanting to buy or sell off market properties in worldwide.

At Esaren International our concept/strategy is quite simple. We are looking to build and expand our portfolio of clients who are looking to buy or sell a property, by creating a database of off market properties and clientele looking to purchase such properties. This can range from a client looking to sell their London home to buying a hotel in Singapore. In essence, we are looking to create a pool of people/companies looking to buy or sell their properties and bringing them together.

More and more properties these days are being sold off market i.e. not being advertised on the open market, due to the increasing number of vendors requiring the sale to remain private. We at Esaren International respect our clients’ privacy and discretion. By having a portfolio of off market properties on a database, we are in turn able to offer opportunities for our actively searching clients the opportunity to purchase a selection of properties they are not able to source on the open market.

Our sole purpose is to match two relevant parties and act as an intermediary when it comes to relaying offers and counter offers between the vendor and purchaser. At no time do we represent or act for either the vendor or purchaser as this would create a conflict of interest and our involvement between the two parties is one of total impartiality and solely to act as a go between for the two parties to reach a final price, we are not a buying or selling agent.....

There is no fee, for either registering to sell your property, or registering your interest to purchase property on our database, and you are free to withdraw your registration at any time without penalty. There will only ever be one flat fee of 1% of the final purchase price, therefore you are only ever going to pay a fee if you are involved in a successful transaction. Once you have registered, we shall endeavour to match you up with either the relevant vendors or purchasers. If we do not have the relevant vendors or purchasers that match your requirements, then we shall contact all of our clients to search and source for the relevant criteria that you require.

Not only will you be able to buy or sell a property discreetly and with total confidentiality and anonymity, but you will not be paying Estate Agents fees on the selling side or a property search agents fee on the buying side while still having access to properties not available on the open market.

We look forward to discussing your needs, and assisting in creating successful transactions for all concerned.

Niel Akrawi

Head of Property Division


Skype: nielakrawi

Tel: +447739285722

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