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With 30 years of experience, we are a one stop shop for your global commodity, investment and property needs. Specialising in Crude Oil and its derivatives, Gold, Rough and Cut Diamonds, BG', MTN's, LTN's and commercial and high-end property. We also have contacts in many other commodites, so please ask.

Using our connections with principal buyers, sellers and providers, we aim to provide a quick, direct and simple solution to your requirements. No fuss, no bother. We listen to your needs and provide a quick response using specialists in each field. An introduction to a matching client follows, enabling progress in any deal to happen smoothly.

Esaren International Group and it's UK subsiduary Esaren International Ltd are led by Mr Suresh Sivarajah. Educated at Wellington College and with over two decades of business experience in both consultancy, and for himself, he continues to lead us into new and more profitable global relationships. He is also a Director of Sanseth Energy Ltd, a company registered with a number of primary fuel suppliers/refineries, and a philanthropist , concentrating on projects that help children, the homeless, animals and those less fortunate.

Our clients range from private individuals and banks, to hedge funds, syndicates, major and non-major oil companies, refineries, platforms, trading houses and mines. Full transparency and disclosure is given in all dealings.

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